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Soni Malaj is a very, very pretty, Albanian singer who not only charmed with their appearance, but also with their songs.

For myself, it aufsehen especially through their e vogla Hit, which is also a good music video and, of course, had its wonderful appearance.

Another landed hit with the song Shukarije, along with Sinan Hoxha, for a time succeeded to the top.

Currently, to determine awarded to the singer Flori and is very happy with him, shame shame ;)

Soni Malaj - Zig Zag ne "Gezuar me Tupan 2008"

Soni Malaj - 1 me 2

Mit diesem Song gewann Sie den 3 Platz im Polifest 2006 Music Festival, Prishtina

Soni Malaj dhe Sinan Hoxha - Shukarije

Soni Malaj - E vogla

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